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It (2017)

Supernatural horror film directed by Andy Muschietti, starring Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Skarsgard.

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Story: After recent cases of disappearing local kids in the town of Derry, Maine, IT follows a group of kids dubbed “The Losers’ Club” in the summer of 1989 and their discovery and scary encounters of a shape-shifting demonic entity, known to return every 27 years and preys on your own personal fears. (IMDb)

Care to read the source material?
It is based on Stephen King’s 1990 horror novel of the same title. It’s a haunting and unforgettable novel that explores the power of childhood trauma and the enduring nature of fear. Would you like to read it?

Well-acted and fiendishly frightening with an emotionally affecting story at its core, It amplifies the horror in Stephen King’s classic story without losing touch with its heart.
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Why should you add It to your Watchlist?

Great acting: The young cast of “It” is impressive, bringing a level of realism and depth to their roles that is rare in horror movies. You’ll be invested in their characters and rooting for them to survive.

Iconic villain: Bill Skarsgård’s creepy and unsettling performance as Pennywise, the iconic clown, is both terrifying and captivating, adding to the film’s overall creepiness.

Beautiful cinematography: The film’s cinematography is stunning, with striking visuals and creative camera angles that enhance the eerie atmosphere and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Expertly crafted scares: The film’s scares are expertly crafted, using a mix of jump scares and psychological terror to keep you on edge and scared out of your wits.

Immersive sound design: The sound design is simply masterful, using subtle but effective sound effects to build tension and create a sense of dread throughout the film.

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