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4 Movies You Must Watch With Your Family Next Movie Night

Family nights are truly one of the most fun nights of all, not only because they are the means to connect with each other but because they always end in a drama when one member of the family storms out of the room and another one will not stop shouting.

Of course, it happens partly because you have to satisfy the taste of all ages and yes, it is never easy to find a film that can bring joy to everyone. Worry no more, because we have compiled a list of all the movies people popularly watch with their families on a movie night. These films are loved and adored by everyone so you won’t be upsetting any member of your clan.

Before jumping right into the list, let’s first make sure that you have the basic utility that is needed to watch these movies. It could be cable TV or an internet connection. Both these services provide you with a perfect way to watch movies but only if the quality is incredible. You certainly don’t want a subscription to these services if they don’t offer an excellent experience.

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So, what is taking you so long? A huge family drama is one lagged video behind, trust us, been there, experienced that (phew). Now that this is sorted, let’s not wait any longer and take a deep dive into all the movies you should watch with your clan on the next movie night.

The Lion King (1994)

It is truly what our childhood consisted of. Why wouldn’t it? After all, it was a big thing when it came out. This Disney animated movie follows the life of the young lion Simba and his father Mufasa. Simba’s uncle Scar, who we must add is despicable, devises a plan to overthrow the throne of Mufasa by basically luring both father and son into a stampede of wildebeests.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

You have heard of all those boy meets *blank* but this time boy meets alien in this sweet creation. Boy and the alien end up becoming best friends. This introduces you to a bunch of cute and adorable scenes. But all good things come to an end when the boy has to say goodbye to the alien when his other friends come to earth to take him back.

Admit it, this scene made you sob like a baby when you first watched it every time since then. This movie is filmed in a way that we cannot help but become awestruck at its creation. It has a charm to it and undeniable magical moments that blessed the cinema of the 80s in a way that we could not have even anticipated.

Home Alone (1990)

It is literally a crime not to mention Home Alone while talking about one of the top movies to watch with your family. This film gave us some mischievous while it simultaneously freaked our parents out at the perspective of what if they had been in the position of the McCallister parents.

Well, the McCallister family is all set and ready to leave the suburbs to spend Christmas in Paris. Everyone and their mother is extremely excited. However, in all the hustle and bustle, things don’t quite go the way they were planned. Mr. and Mrs. McCallister, while they are in the plan, realize that they have forgotten one very important item back at home; their son Kevin.

On the other hand, Kevin knows how to have fun while being home alone and he is having the time of his life until burglars set their eyes on the home and decide to break into their gorgeous and beautifully decorated home. The movie involves mischievous things Kevin is up to, some munching on the ice cream, and a whole lot more chaos. This movie is something everyone loves and absolutely cherishes.

Finding Nemo (2003)

While we are already on the subject of losing a kid, which by the way is every parent’s worst nightmare, we couldn’t help but mention this classic in the list. Your parents are going to take a special liking to Marlin – Nemo’s father as he is quite protective of his little one.

But the young guy (or a fish) goes missing in the deep blue large sea and then begins his own series of adventures. Meanwhile, Marlin is doing everything he can to bring his son safely back to him. The movie is truly a lesson to all the little kids out there. Your parents know the best. You can learn from the experiences of Nemo and let them be a lesson for you.

To Sum Up

During family nights, there is always a risk of upsetting one person with the choice of movies. However, we have very carefully rounded up the list and it includes all the classics that your clan loves to watch. So, have an amazing time with your family and put these aforementioned fantastic titles on the next movie night.

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