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No Time to Die – Daniel Craig’s Swan Song as James Bond

No Time to Die is the twenty-fifth entry in the James Bond spy film series and it’s Daniel Craig’s fifth (and last) outing as the iconic British secret agent. It’s a terrific thriller action movie with a satisfying neoclassical edge.

The film is available on Virgin TV Go in the UK, but if you are located in the United States, you can watch it by accessing BBC iPlayer in the US. For other streaming options, or if you’d like to own it on a disc, check out the movie in FrameTrek’s Catalog.

No Time to Die is beautiful to look at with brilliant cinematography and thrilling action. The film’s long-time series writers, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, were praised for their work, but director Cary Joji Fukunaga also deserves credit along with the cast and crews.

The film focuses on visualization and the action sequences include some worth-see car chases, deadly battles and blasting canon scenes which give the feeling of critical freedom.

Craig played the James Bond role for 15 years, starting with Casino Royale in 2006. With his last outing as the famous British secret agent, he became the longest-serving Bond to date. His previous performances prove that he can act and impress the audience. Knives Out and Logan Lucky show that he can also be funny.

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He combines these abilities, and with the aid of a well-written plot, he makes the character more real than ever. Bond is so unpredictable that you can see him doing serious romance and perky flirting simultaneously. He is an unstoppable killing machine in one scene, than he’s a warm hearted, vulnerable human being in another.

No Time to Die shows James Bond aging and living happily with Madeleine, a possible femme fatale whose back story links her with the main bad guy. Bond’s life lacks any chaos, which allows Craig to display more than just a rugged and frowning look. However, his peace is smashed into pieces by an attempt against his life by Spectre.

As the knots in the plot are straightened out, the intricacies of spycraft recede in favor of a ponderous, familiar drama of sacrifice and revenge. It all has a lot to do with a sinister biowarfare plan called “Heracles” being developed by M (Ralph Fiennes) using a renegade scientist.

The gloomy alpha villain (Remi Malek) is a mixture of curdled idealism and unhealed trauma, who wants to wipe out much of humanity.

The movie wants to do full justice to the emotional thrust of this being Daniel Craig’s exit from the series. And it does. It wraps up the plots from previous films while pushing the boundaries of what the character can deliver.

No Time to Die is definitely a worthy farewell from Craig’s embodiment of James Bond.

Review written by Mickel Clark
Chief Editor at

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