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Picture Disclaimer

Picture Sources & Licenses:

1. Public Domain & Creative Commons

2. Amazon Product Images through the Amazon Associates Programme

3. Publicity Material – Published by their respective production studios and/or distribution companies

All publicity material (stills, posters, lobby cards, promo shots, etc.) on this website are in editorial use, or based on the ‘fair use’ or ‘fair dealing’ doctrine. FrameTrek is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with any movie studio. All copyrights, trademarks, logos and the images themselves are owned by their respective owners.

FrameTrek respects the intellectual property of others.

If you are the copyright holder of an image on this website and you want it removed, please send an email to containing proof that you are indeed the copyright owner. We will remove the picture(s) currently on the website as soon as possible, and will prevent new images from being uploaded.

The FrameTrekTM logo, the FrameClassTM rating system and all FrameTrek related creatives were designed by the operator of the website and are trademarks protected by common law.